Are Thrifted Clothes Actually Good? 

I get the question very often, are thrifted clothes actually good? The answer is… sometimes. We all know of that one time (meaning waaaaay more than once) we have bought a new piece of clothing and we ripped the tags off and never wore it. It just sits in the back of your closet until it’s too late to return it and you literally will never wear it for whatever reason. Maybe every once in a while you will try it on in your bedroom, but then you always change into something else. After a while you decide to clean out your closet to make space for what you love and BAM you send that sucker on its way. This is what happens all the time and how a lot of pieces end up in thrift stores. An owner bought it, never wore it and now it needs a new home, with you! There are also well loved vintage pieces that weren’t worn very often leaving them in wonderful condition. It’s not always like this though, meaning when you go thrifting there are old people's clothes, clothes your aunt Candace would wear, genuinely ugly clothes or even clothes that are trashed. This doesn’t mean that all thrifted clothes are good or that all are bad. It’s a mixed bag just like with regular stores. There will be pieces you love and pieces that you will never understand who would wear it. That’s what makes shopping fun though, finding something you love! The real question people should be asking is, “how do I find the good clothes when thrifting?” Now don’t worry I have the answer, it will be in my next blog post ‘Thrifting Tips.’


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