Choosing Sustainability


I know that I talk a lot on here about being sustainable and eco-conscious but that doesn’t mean I am perfect at it! No one should ever feel guilty for not making the same eco-conscious decisions I am making. We are all on our own journey of trying our best to live sustainably. Everyone’s journey looks different and living sustainably also means living within your means. No one expects anyone to completely change their lives overnight into being completely non-wasteful. Financially it isn’t realistic, but you can choose to be sustainable in small and simple ways. That is why I suggest and promote thrifting, it is a small way that you and I can make a difference. It was one of the first sustainable steps I have made and that I continue to make when it comes to my closet.

    Now if you are new to all of this, here are some simple ways you can help the planet without upending your life or finances.

  • Research clothing brands that give back to the environment or that their clothing is well made.
Some companies will plant trees for every shirt that is bought or there are companies whose carbon print in neutral. You can still buy new clothing and be eco-conscious. There are tons of ways you can choose to help better the planet without breaking the bank. Just being aware really can be helpful. As you research you will be more aware. Awareness is just as important as anything else. So when you go shopping or if you need to buy a specific clothing piece you can know what companies you should steer clear of and which companies you can check and see if they have what you need.
  • Next go through your closet and see if there are any jeans that are wearing out or any pieces in your closet that you need to replace in the near future.
Keep a list on your phone and keep an eye out when you go thrifting. If you know what you need all the time then when the thrifting fates smile down on you, you won't miss it. It also helps to just be organized in knowing what you have in your closet to keep track of what you actually love to wear.
  • Go through your closet and donate anything that doesn’t fit or you don’t love anymore.
Give back! We all have bought something that we didn't absolutely adore, queen that is not the vibe. We should only absolutely love the clothes in our closet. Its 2021 for heavens sake! You closet should be what you want it to be. Plus someone out there might adore and treasure whatever it is you don't want anymore. It's a win win. Someone might get a new piece and you can go to bed feeling good in your heart knowing it's not in a landfill somewhere. DON'T throw away your clothes. DONATE them please!
  • If there are any pieces that are too worn out to donate, cut them up and use them as cleaning rags for your home.

We all can use more rags around the house, but this is really about trying to get more use out of everything you have. For sure there are pieces you can't clean with, but you can remake them, sew them into a patchwork quilt, make a costume out of it, make scrunchies or hair scarves out of them. There are endless ideas and then it can give you a hobby! Something you can do to wind down and watch Netflix while doing.

These are just some simple steps you can start taking to live a more sustainable life. linked below are some sustainable companies you can shop from and some websites that haver even more sustainable ideas you can implement in your life!  If you have any other simple ideas that have worked for you go ahead and comment below. 

(Sustainable Brands),
(List of brands that are fighting fast fashion and trying to be sustainable)



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