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Hello, I realized I haven’t really introduced myself here on my blog. So here’s my introduction! My name is Rosie Kong and I’m from Eastern Idaho. I am 21 years old and I am married to my college sweetheart Malcolm. It was actually Malcolm who encouraged me to start my business and to write this blog! Clearly if you haven’t read any of my other blog/social media posts, I am obsessed with thrifted clothing and fashion! I grew up watching old movies and I became obsessed with dressing from different era’s. My mom was the one who introduced me to old movies and thrifting. Then I fell in love with it and here I am. As I have gotten older I have come to appreciate thrifting even more because it is a way to be sustainable when changing up my closet! So to commemorate getting to know you and getting to know me I will share my favorite thrifting story.

     I was about 16 years old and I went thrifting of course! Sometimes I would go looking for things to buy and sometimes I would just go to have a fashion show because I was bored. I am from a smaller town and there wasn’t a lot to do. Sometimes I felt like our local thrift store was my line to the outside world because there would be out of this world pieces that people passing through would donate. My town was also a college town so students from all over the world would donate their clothes and it always made for interesting options. Anyways I went thrifting and this time I brought my friends. Right away I knew this was going to be a fun adventure. I found a silk mermaid dress with cheetah and floral print all over it and a very high slit and LOW front. I convinced one of my friends (who I am still friends with to this day) to try it on. She added it to her pile and claimed that we all had to try on crazy things with her too. So of course it turned into a game of finding the craziest thing you could find for the others to try on. There pieces with feathers and crocheted pants that didn’t cover anything you might wanna keep private. We were becoming a little too hysterical and finally agreed to go and try on our haul. All three of us slipped into a dressing together and started trying on the clothes.

     After lots of giggling and crazy outfits I had finally decided to try on my last piece that they picked out for me. It was a 1950’s wedding dress with the longest train and the puffiest princess skirt in the world. I slid it on and my friends buttoned up the back (it had buttons all the way down like a true classic gown). The wedding dress fit like a glove. Once everyone was decent I opened the door and started walking around in the wedding dress to see it in motion. I was looking in the mirror on the wall and swaying/twirling watching the dress. The detail on this gown was impeccable. There was a lace peterpan collar, hand stitched beading, embroidery, and silk. The dress literally felt like it was born from my imagination of what Audrey Hepburn would wear in once of her many iconic roles. It has these gauzy puff sleeves and a long train. It was out of this world and such a vintage classic gown. I wasn’t aware until I turned around that multiple women who I had never met before were watching me and gushed over the dress. They stated that it looked like a dream and that I HAD to wear it on my wedding day. Keep in mind I have always looked a little older than I was. Like when I was 14 people thought I was in college but that was because I had an awful A-line mom hair cut. (I am the only one at fault for deciding that was a vibe.) Anyways this dress was amazing but I was only 16 and a lot could change, I would change! (And I did because I definitely didn't get married in a white or even close to traditional wedding gown.) I didn’t bother to explain but instead pranced around for maybe 20 minutes loving the attention and looking at myself in the mirror. Everytime I looked I once again was struck with how stunning and well preserved this dress was. I started thinking… well maybe I would just buy it and save it for my wedding day? Like this a once in a lifetime fine! But the more I thought about it the more I felt myself waking up from the dream and knowing that my tastes could change and that someone else might treasure this dress more than me. A girl who had complimented me on the dress who looked to be college aged asked me if I was going to get the dress. I debated in my head and then I decided I wasn’t going to. I told her and she asked if she could try it on after me. I readily agreed and took it off and gave it to her. Within minutes she was in it and standing front of the mirror. The dress fit her too like a glove too. I told her how amazing she looked in it and she laughed and said that she was getting married and hadn’t found a dress she had liked. Until she saw me in this one. She called her mom and told her that she had found her wedding dress. A thrifted dress! I felt so happy for her and I was glad I had found her dream wedding dress for her. The rest of the time I was there she kept thanking me for letting her have it. You really don’t ever know what you will find or experience when you go thrifting. There will always be something new for you to find. That’s one of the reasons I love thrifting so much! Its always an adventure.

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