Nifty Thrifters


One thing I have learned is that having a community is super important, especially when it's something you are passionate about. I am sure we all have groups of people that share our interests and honestly you could just talk with them for hours. It’s just so fulfilling to have someone just as excited about something as you are. I love when that positive energy and excitement just continues to build as you continue to feel seen and heard. I also know we are all grateful when someone who knows more than you gives tips to avoid making big mistakes. Or even just tips that are cool and change up how you do things or that even just make your life a little easier. I wanted to create a place where my fellow thrifters could come together and just have a good time ya know? So I created a Facebook group called Nifty Thrifters which is linked below. In this group we share our favorite thrifted finds and favorite places to go thrifting. We also sell clothes from our closet or clothes we’ve thrifted and don’t want anymore/didn't fit. We love to chat and are excited/supportive when others win the lottery of thrifting. Pretty much this group is about helping each other, chatting, supporting each other, making friends, sharing tips and funny thrifting stories with our fellow nifty thrifters. Come and join our little community. We all love feeling connected to something bigger than us and that is what Nifty Thrifters is. Come and join by clicking on the link below.

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