Thrifting is Realistic 

One of the main reasons I love to thrift (besides the adventure and knowing I am making a sustainable choice) is that it is cheaper than paying full price. Now you’re probably thinking okay, so Rosie is cheap, big whoop. It isn’t just that (yes I do live on a budget and try to keep to it) it’s that we change! Every couple of years I look back at who I was and what I used to wear. I was a completely different person with different likes and dislikes. Since then I have grown and changed and my closet should reflect who I am now. Clothing is another way for us to express who we are. Self-expression shouldn’t be limited but should be open to change. I am a firm believer that if you look good, you feel good. It is definitely a lesson I have learned from my husband. I have also learned that you should never wait to have what you love in life until everything is perfect. Meaning, if you need and want to update your closet do it! If you have changed, your clothing should too, and putting it off isn’t realistic. No one should not feel amazing in their clothes every day. Now don’t get me wrong I am not promoting becoming a shopaholic and excessively buying your clothes. I will advise you to own core pieces in your closet that are very versatile like blue jeans and black jeans. Pieces that you will love and always need for the next two to three years or. These core pieces should also be necessary and a need for your closet. Then throw in fluff pieces that you absolutely adore for now, but that maybe you won’t in a year. We all get sick of pieces in our closets that we once adored. It is the cycle of clothing. That is why I love thrifting, it is the perfect way to update your closet and not  pay full price and feel guilty. It’s a realistic way to live and change your clothing with or without a budget. Overall it’s just one more way to live your dream life and not wait for it to come tomorrow. Dress like how you have always imagined in your dreams!




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