Thrifting Tips



Here are my tips when thrifting to make it so you know exactly what you're doing. 

     The number one rule when thrifting is to look. Sometimes when people go thrifting they think it only matters if it's new or if it looks like what's in. Or even they are afraid to get their hands dirty so they don't even look through a rack. These are the kind of people that end up looking around for 15 minutes and then leave thinking it's a bust or that thrifting isn't their jam. I promise it takes a little digging and a willingness to really look. I mean you can’t mine for diamonds if you don’t even pick up a shovel. So go and look at what is on the racks, and actually look with the intent of finding something you love! Some people get caught up on the clothing labels/brands, don’t. I mean sometimes you will find designer pieces, but really keep you focused on finding something you love, that is nice looking. If something catches your eye go and look at it. Dig a little deeper and really immerse yourself in the hunt. Honestly, the hunt is one of the most fun parts of thrifting. 

     Rule two is to have an open mind. Try on the grandpa sweater or those vintage orange corduroy overalls you found! They might be like new, have a brand new tag on them or be vintage. The thing about fashion is you get to wear what you like, not what's in. Plus you really can’t judge a piece until you’ve really looked at it and tried it on. Even though you've tried it on, you also need to be willing to see how it could be styled with what you already have in your closet. I mean if it's a striped sweater and you're wearing pants with plaid on them for sure you might think this sweater is not a vibe. Yeah together the combo might be awful! But that doesn't mean the sweater isn't totally cute and perfect for your closet. You have to be willing to say oh I have these burnt orange velvet pants and they would look rockin with this sweater! So many people compliment me on the clothes I have. They think it's so cute and they admit that they would never have given it a second glance. Thrifting is all about finding what you like and sometimes pieces really don’t look good until they are on you or until you've really opened up your mind to it. Try it on and think of how you would style it. Then, BOOM you have a piece you are obsessed with that you can affordably add to your closet! The best thing about thrifting is you can find one-of-a-kind hidden treasures. So if it catches your eye go and look at it! 

     Rule number three is check it out. So you’ve found a piece you love right? Great! Now really look at it. Too many new thrifters find a piece they like and in the excitement of it all, they miss that there's a GIANT hole in the armpit or a grease stain on the front. Little beginners mistakes makes it so people think that thrifted clothes are trash, and a waste of money. I promise they aren’t. You just need to check it like you would with any used item. Check the seams, the collar, the cuffs of the sleeves or pant legs. Then lift it up towards the light and see are there any stains? Worn-out spots? Rips or tears? Thrifting is great but sometimes certain pieces of clothing are there for a reason. Not everything is a golden nugget or else thrifting would be super easy which would take away all the fun. So once you’ve checked it and it meets your satisfaction then you are golden! One small mistake can really turn people off from thrifting, please don't let yourself be one of those people.

Rule number four is pay attention to where you shop. If you go to a dumpy place that never has good clothes then I promise no matter what you do you will NEVER find clothes you want. Okay maybe not ever but more often then not your will be disappointed. Really take time to pay attention to your location. I'm not saying to only go to trendy thrift stores, but honestly if you have gone four times and never found anything you like then its time to take a break. Just because the location is close to your apartment doesn't mean you are married to it. Where a thrift shop is can be telling of who donates to it. I mean if there is a thrift store next to a old folks home it could be a miss because probably families who have a loved one pass away will just donate their clothes there. There is nothing wrong with old peoples clothes, but these aren't going to be vintage wedding dresses they help onto. The clothes there will be the clothes they just wore in the old folks home because no one takes a vintage wedding dress to a nursing home. Now this is just an example I have no idea if there is a thrift store next to a nursing home where families donate their loved ones clothes when they pass away. The area of a thrift store can be a warning. I'm not saying to not check it out, it's good to always be open minded. What I am saying is if you've gone a couple times and you know there is never going to be anything for you there look for some other hidden gem to thrift at. Location can be key and if you don't find anything at a certain location don't give up. Go somewhere else. 

 Congrats you are now a seasoned and well-informed thrifter! No really, but thrifting isn't rocket science it mostly just has to do with having an open mind and being down for the adventure! Listed below are some locations that I have found a lot of luck thrifting at! Comment below the places you love to thrift near you!









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