What Makes Thrifting Fun?

Okay, there are so many different reasons why thrifting is fun. First off, who doesn’t love saving money? I grew up in a money-savvy home so anytime we could save money it was a win. Changing up your closet without breaking the bank is so fun, at least it is to me. It makes it so clothing shopping can be guilt-free. Plus you are being eco-conscious and living sustainably. What's not to love? Secondly, I love searching for a cute new piece to add to my closet that changes things up! It’s always so much fun when you get to add a new piece to the mix and you find your new favorite outfit. Thirdly there is so much to see in thrift stores. No joke, one time I found a cheetah and floral print silk mermaid dress, and of course I had to try it on. Honestly, that's my favorite part. Trying on outrageous outfits that I normally would never wear. It's like playing dress-up as an adult. Am I dressing up as a pageant queen? A hippy? A lawyer from the ‘90s? Sometimes when I am wearing something I will realize huh… this is actually really cute! But most of the time you just have to laugh at how outrageous the clothing is and how silly you look. Thrifting honestly is something I love to do for many reasons but the best part is the people. You will always meet interesting people who may become your friend or even just cheer you on when you try on a wedding dress from the ’50s. Overall when you go thrifting it will always be a fun and exciting new experience because you will never know what to expect.

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