Why Thrifting Is Trending

So what is all the hype with thrifting? It’s almost as if overnight thrifting has become the thing to do. First off that is not true. Thrifting has always been going on or else why would there be so many thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales, and estate sales at least in the last 50 years? It’s always been a thing, so why is it such a big deal now? First off it’s social media.

Thrifting is more attainable than ever. We can all name movies where the character thrifts a perfect piece for their home or to wear to a special event. It was like a big pie in the sky to find this vintage dream dress that fits like a glove. (That has actually happened in my life) Social media has made it so there has been a change in mindset for people who thought thrifting for clothes was only in the movies or for the poor. It’s had a surge of popularity amongst groups who normally were never raised to thrift. Now it’s been normalized and made attainable. Thrifting is a thing anyone can do now, not just the quirky girl in a movie looking to catch her crush’s eye magically. 

Now a majority of long-time thrifters can tell you it used to be all about affordability, the fun of the hunt, and finding vintage treasures. Who doesn’t love a good deal for something you love? No one. Besides being a vintage queen or king, as a society, we are taking the well-being of the earth way more seriously. (thank you world wide web for the wake-up call). Fashion is an extremely wasteful industry. Now thrifting is a way to affordably and eco-consciously change your closet. You can give in to your guilty shopping habits and you don’t have to feel so guilty about it.

Now don’t get me wrong everyone and their mother isn’t finding a Cristian Dior vintage dress. But they are finding things they love vintage or not. How many times have you gotten rid of a piece of clothing that was still brand new but that you just never wore? We all have. As thrifting has swept to the front of the stage in popularity so has the understanding that thrifting is for everyone. It’s not just the vintage lovers, there are brand new clothes with the tags still on in countless thrift stores.

Thrifting is so versatile because there is a little something for everyone. Most stores are set on selling their esthetics. Thrift stores don’t have one, they have everything! Which fits perfectly for our generation. We no longer care about what’s in whether it’s corsets, band T’s, princess dresses, or joggers. It’s all about wearing what you love! So thrift stores are totally in because they unintentionally cater to the masses! 

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