4103 - women’s green GNW blouse - size 16

4103 - women’s green GNW blouse - size 16

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Introducing our Women's Green GNW Blouse in a vibrant size 16 – a chic and versatile addition to your wardrobe, combining style and comfort effortlessly.

👚 **Brand:** GNW (George, New York) - Where classic design meets contemporary fashion.

🎨 **Color:** Green - A lively and stylish hue that adds a touch of freshness to your ensemble.

👚 **Size:** 16 - Offering a comfortable and fashionable fit.

👌 **Style:** This GNW blouse features a timeless design, perfect for both casual and semi-formal occasions, adding a pop of color to your look.

🌈 **Material:** Crafted from high-quality fabric, ensuring durability and a soft feel against your skin.

**Key Features:**
1. **Vibrant Green Color:** The lively green adds a refreshing touch to your wardrobe, making this blouse suitable for various occasions.
2. **Size 16 Fit:** Tailored for those who wear size 16, providing a comfortable and chic silhouette.
3. **Classic GNW Style:** Reflecting the brand's commitment to classic yet contemporary fashion, making this blouse a versatile choice for your everyday style.

**Size:** 16 - Ensuring a comfortable and stylish fit for a confident and versatile appearance.

**Upgrade Your Everyday Chic:**
🌟 Elevate your style with our Women's Green GNW Blouse in Size 16. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and classic design, ideal for various occasions and effortlessly adding a pop of color to your wardrobe.

Enhance your collection with this chic and comfortable green blouse from GNW. Size 16 meets contemporary elegance, making this blouse an essential for the modern woman who values both comfort and timeless fashion.